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Bel-Mac Roofing is NW Florida’s most established and premier roofing company offering Commercial and Residential Roofing Services. We are proud to be serving the Emerald Coast communities such as Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Panama City, Destin, and Pensacola.

Residential: New Construction

We frequently work with General Contractors and Homeowners to create the look and the quality workmanship that you’re seeking. Our wide range of suppliers will also assist us in finding the perfect material and color match based on your design and aesthetics; if you can design a specific look, we can execute it.

Residential: Re-Roofing

As your roof reaches the 15 to 20 year mark, it is likely a roof replacement is in your future. If your home or roof is within that range ask us for an estimate to get your home re-roofed and discuss with us the many roofing style options; you can choose between metal, architectural shingles, ceramic tile, even metal tile. 

Residential: Repair

The Panhandle is known for Summer storms and unfortunately, we are also frequently hit by tropical storms and hurricanes. Bel-Mac Roofing is available year-round during any storm to assist you with repairs to your roofing system. 

Residential: Roof Inspections

If you are in the business of buying or selling your house or represent those who do, we have you covered. We provide professional roof inspection reports to homeowners who are needing the information to buy or sell a home. Please call us to discuss rates for this service. 

Exposed Fasteners Observed at Hip and Ridge Area

Metal standing seam roofs are observed to be in good condition. The lower roof appears to have been replaced.

Sliding Shingles – Recommended Resecuring


Overall, the metal roof is in fair condition.

Pipe Boots and Vents
 -The two pipe boots were inspected, one was observed to deteriorate and should be replaced
Field Shake
– The wood field shake was observed to be weathered, which is to be expected. They were observed to be intact during the time of the inspection.

Trim Shake
– The wood shake trim is mostly intact aside from 1-2 sections that were observed to be damaged, these should be replaced. Also, the ridge fastener material cannot be verified. Some galvanic corosion is evident. Recommend continuing to monitor corrosion.

Standing Seam Roofs
– The (4) standing seam roof sections were observed to be in good condition. Very minimal corrosion was evident. The lower metal roof on the front of the house has been replaced. It previously was a flat roof. Recommend inquiring about roof replacement photos, permit, contractor, etc.

Misc. Condition
– The chimney cap was observed to be in good condition.

– Replace (1) deteriorated pipe boot
– Replace any damaged ridge shakes (approx. 1-2)

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